Auction Bidding Service


Have an experienced professional take the pressure off.

Unleash the power of informed bidding with an auction bidding service, ensuring you stay strategic and competitive throughout the entire auction process. Buying property at auction is like no other negotiation. The secret to success is a well-planned strategy combined with a confident delivery. Easier said than done! Emotions, ego and lack of understanding the rules of play are just some of the challenges inexperienced buyers face, and before you know it, the opportunity to secure your perfect home has passed.

A skilled Auction Strategist can save you tens to hundreds of thousands.

An experienced Auction Strategist will often save their client tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the day because they have the ability to remove the emotion, read the play and bid accordingly. Understanding the process, the rules, and the conditions to buying under Auction terms can be incredibly confusing for even the most experienced buyer. When you engage a professional who knows the game, the guesswork is gone and you can turn your focus from worrying about the Auction to planning your move.


Let's team up if

  • You’ve never bid at auction.
  • You’re worried you might overpay.
  • You don’t want to risk losing the property.
  • Your plan is to just “wing it” on the day.

"The goal of the auctioneer is to gain bidder momentum.
Mine is to break it."


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Here's How

Together, we will formulate an Auction Plan that allows the best chance of securing the home. My goal is to put you in the strongest position possible before, during and after the Auction so that you’re feeling comfortable and confident, regardless of what happens on the day.

You'll Also Benefit From
  • A Strategic Auction Plan with several contingency plays that I deliver on the day.
  • A clear Walk Away Pricing Strategy where I help you identify the property’s market worth and help you to set a realistic budget that we stick to.
  • Professional representation (in person) on the day.
  • Real-time updates throughout the Auction to keep you informed.
  • A copy (upon request) of the bidding transcript to see where bids were placed.
  • Post-auction negotiations.
  • If we do not secure the property, no success fee is payable.
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Want to try bidding yourself?

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