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Ready To Buy Your New Home In Brisbane in 2024?

As Brisbane’s top luxury buyer’s agent, I get you a seat at the table to Brisbane’s most exclusive addresses. We are a boutique buyer’s agency specialising in premium home and investment property purchases for professional clientele who value their time, and seek a discreet and bespoke service.

We partner exclusively with 5 clients at any given time.

About Wendy.

Celebrating 27 years in real estate in 2024

Wendy Russell is one of the most trusted and experienced independent property buyer’s agents in Brisbane. Since 2014, she has facilitated property purchases for some of the most successful local and global business professionals, helping them make their next big move in property. With over 25 years of real estate experience, Wendy is especially skilled in high-value property negotiations where the stakes (and emotions) are typically higher. She has been featured in Domain, REA, the ABC and several other major Australian publications for her trusted advice and expertise. Wendy facilitates a boutique and stress-free experience to local, interstate and international clients looking to buy premium property in Brisbane.

What Is A Buyer's Agent?

A property buyer’s agent, buyer’s advocate or property investment strategist specialises in helping you navigate the complex and competitive Brisbane property market, with a focus on:

Buyer's Agents use their local market knowledge, professional network and expertise to identify on and off market properties that align with their client's requirements. Our team will help you find suitable homes or investment opportunities that factor in location, growth opportunities, budget and property type.
Buyer's Agents negotiate and advocate on your behalf with vendors to secure the best property and price that meets your specific needs. Buying a luxury property, dream home or premium investment property can be daunting because there is often a lot more at stake. Wendy and her team will guide you through the process, prioritising your best interests so that you can be confident you are in safe hands. Our team has regularly secured premium properties below asking price for our clients.
With decades of experience, Wendy has intimate knowledge and valuable insights into the dynamic Brisbane property market. Our team will help you make an informed decision and remove the emotion and complexity to ensure you purchase the right property at the right price.
As independent Buyer's Agents we assess the value and potential of shortlisted properties, taking into account various aspects such as market trends, property condition, potential for capital growth and rental yield.
Our team will conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure your selected property is free of any hidden dealbreakers.
Wendy represents clients during the auction process, bidding on your behalf with a goal to secure your perfect home at the best price possible. Wendy specialises in auction bidding within Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to help you achieve the best auction results possible.
By leveraging Wendy's experience and industry connections, our team will streamline the property buying process, making the journey less stressful and time-consuming. We will walk you through each stage of the buying process from initial discussions, creating your wish-list criteria, shortlisting suitable homes, conducting inspections - all the way to property settlement.

Buying Brisbane's most beautiful residences.

With a deep understanding of the Brisbane property market, Wendy is your direct link to Brisbane's best addresses - on and off-market.

We listen to what matters to you most and guide you to the perfect property that represents the right fit for your family, future plans, lifestyle and budget.

Personally Guiding You Through Brisbane's Fast-Paced Property Market.

We know every purchase is unique so we take the time to understand your specific property and lifestyle requirements before we go about your search. Partnering with a professional who knows the game, understands the market and becomes your personal one-on-one sounding board means your property purchase plans move forward effortlessly – no more delays and reasons to procrastinate. It’s time to make this happen. Wendy and her team lead the process step by step – helping you get clear on your brief, undertaking the property search, evaluation, due diligence, auction representation and contract negotiation phases of the property buying process – overseeing your purchase right through to settlement whilst saving you time and providing the clarity you need to make good decisions.

Here's what to expect when you partner with Wendy ...

No more weekends spent house-hunting, queuing at open homes and dealing with sales agents.
You will be one of just five clients we partner with at any given time.
An experienced property negotiator with over two decades in the game is representing your best interests.
First access to properties other buyers won't see through our tight network of local agents who prioritise Wendy's clients.
Your privacy is assured. No media and no price disclosures.
On call, 7 days a week access to Wendy.
We won't rush this process. Our team take the right amount of time needed to secure the most suitable property for your needs - whether it's twelve weeks, twelve months or sooner. Our client engagement process is flexible and there are no lock-in agreements.
You now have an on-call trusted sounding board (Wendy) to guide your decision making.
Local intel on the most sought after pockets, premiere suburbs and hidden property gems.
A data driven interpretation of local property values so you never unknowingly overpay.
Access to Wendy's little black book of industry contacts and referral partners who can assist with all facets of your purchase.

Why Partner With Wendy Russell?

Wendy has successfully negotiated in excess of half a billion in residential real estate throughout her career and is particularly skilled in high-end home negotiationsHer 27 years industry experience (with 10 years specifically in buyer’s advocacy) affords Wendy a deep understanding of local market trends, areas to recommend and those to avoid, as well as an extensive network of local connections that open more doors for our clients. Wendy has a certain ability to intuitively read the play and remain strategically composed in situations others might find stressful or confusing – a unique skillset that only comes about after many years of experience in high stakes negotiations. 

Described as the “velvet hammer” Wendy is direct yet approachable and her style is often described as sure, calm and empathetic – always seeking to understand the needs of her clients. Since Wendy has acted both as a selling agent and buyer’s agent during her real estate career, she has the distinct advantage of seeing both sides of the fence when looking to give her clients the edge in negotiations.

What makes us unique in this space ...

Wendy's deep-rooted knowledge of the Brisbane property market is unparalleled. She understands the unique nuances of different neighbourhoods with local amenities such as your favourite cafe, book shop or gym and understands how important good school catchments can be for buyers who are relocating from interstate and abroad. Wendy has first hand access to off market opportunities, upcoming developments and market trends. This ensures our clients receive the best local insights for a successful buying experience in Brisbane. Such intel is crucial and makes the difference between buying just any home and your dream luxury home that ticks all the right boxes.
Wendy has represented some of the country's high-level CEOs, business executives, specialists, entrepreneurs, creatives, corporates, and even celebrities. When you choose to align with Wendy Russell, you are joining a league of exceptional individuals who prioritise their time, and value success, exclusivity and professional expertise. Our clients trust Wendy's extensive track record to bring their real estate goals to fruition and deliver results of the highest calibre.
Our focus is luxury high-end - both in the properties we secure and the service experience we deliver; hence our boutique agency operates differently to most. We do not impose sales targets and we're not pressured to turn-around clients quickly. We take the right amount of time needed with each client to ensure you buy the right property, whether it's in twelve weeks, twelve months or sooner. We never want our clients to feel rushed or pressured to settle for a home that is less than everything they desire.
Wendy Russell delivers highly personalised one-on-one property buyer's agent services in Brisbane. We value bespoke service and have carried this ethos across our brand because we understand our clients are just as discerning as we are. We are committed to delivering a luxury experience where clients feel supported, heard and guided at every step of the purchase journey. Wendy understands that every client is unique and she tailors her approach accordingly.
Your privacy is our priority. Wendy partners with just five (5) clients at any given time and all clients work directly one-on-one with Wendy. The boutique nature of our agency attracts an elite clientele who value discretion and privacy, and we implement measures to ensure this is maintained throughout our engagement.
Wendy Russell is a true independent Buyer's Agent, acting in the exclusive interests of only buyers. We do not accept commissions from selling agents or property developers, nor do we undertake in undisclosed referral arrangements. We are a full disclosure agency who operate under a fee for service structure. In our opinion, any other method is unethical.
Put simply, if we don't achieve the result you want, our service is complimentary. We have a "no lock in agreement" policy where either party can end the agreement if we discover we are not the right fit.

Find Out What A First Class Buying Experience Really Feels Like.

Our clients are treated to a curated one to one first-class purchase journey that is streamlined, supportive and second to no other in this space. We take the time to understand your unique property blue-print so our search is geared specifically to find and secure properties that only represent a perfect match. Your time is valuable so we make it our mission to lift the burden of a time consuming house-hunt and guide the process forward so you can get back to doing what you do best. So whether you’re moving state, suburb or from across the globe, we are your reliable and trusted set of eyes and ears on the ground in Brisbane.


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