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Residential real estate – sales, property management, marketing, admin, investor relations, spanning 24 years. I’ve been a Brisbane Buyer’s Agent for 8 of those years.


Amal Clooney, because she’s the perfect mix of strong, smart, stylish, kind and compassionate.


Life Defining Moment

Turning 30 and the realisation I was broke, lacking purpose and had to “start again”. I would later realise this was the beginning of my new life.

Why I do it

The people. The clients, the stories, the real estate community. It all makes me feel a part of something greater than myself. Knowing I’ve played a pivotal role in helping someone break ground on their next chapter is incredibly fulfilling. Plus I love beautiful homes.


Christian Louboutin heels and Dior.

Memorable moment in business

There have been two. Opening my own real estate office when I was 23. Ten years later, making the leap into the Buyer’s Agent space as a solo independent operator. I had been working for an agency at the time but their values were mis-aligned with my own. I was afraid to leave the security of a stable pay cheque but a good friend told me to “jump off the bridge” because I would fly. He was right. 

My loves

The ocean, fishing and my dogs. I’m secretly an introvert and love “me time” in a quiet spot away from the world.

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More about my story...

The truth about Real Estate

Someone once said to me “if you can last more than 5 years in real estate, you’ll be in it for life”. Who knew that in 2022 I’d be leading a new era in real estate – the one of the Buyer’s Agent. You see, back in 1997 this title didn’t even exist. Two decades on, and I’m potentially helping you buy what could be your dream home, first home or your next investment. And that’s exactly what I love about real estate – the people. The characters you meet have always fascinated me and I am in the fortunate position to be invited into a very personal space where others will simply never go – a person’s home. But that’s the interesting thing about real estate… it’s not really about the property. It’s about the people.

How I became a Buyer's Agent

My journey to become one of Brisbane’s first Independent Buyer’s Agents has been somewhat typical to any long standing career in real estate. I’ve sat in just about every seat in the real estate office. Reception. Property Manager. Sales Assistant, Sales Agent, and now Buyer’s Agent. I worked under a few of the franchise names you would know today, but all the while, I felt a compelling sense to do things “my way” and in 2004 at the age of 23, I co-founded my first real estate agency. What happened in the following six years was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Yes, my business was successful, but I was deeply unhappy. I went through a difficult separation, was diagnosed with clinical depression and eventually I was forced to sell my business, my home, all my investments, and start again. It was an incredibly challenging time to say the least, but with a lot of inner work and a huge mindset shift, I managed to turn it around. It took me five years to go from dead broke and depressed to thriving once again. Looking back, I never really had a clear purpose and my focus was on all the wrong things. You could say, my move into the Buyer’s Agent space somewhat saved me.

Finding purpose

It took a number of years and a few hard life lessons, but I eventually found my true calling in real estate as a Buyer’s Agent, and I’m so grateful to have reached this point of clarity in my life. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing I’ve helped a family secure their dream home, or that I stopped a first home buyer from making a financially devastating mistake. Knowing I’ve helped an investor build a property portfolio that will set them up for life is an incredibly rewarding experience, and when a client says, “Wendy, I would never have been able to secure this property if it wasn’t for you” – this reinforces that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. People have often asked if I plan to expand my agency and build a team of Buyer’s Agents around me. This is not somewhere I want to take the business. I like to keep things boutique and I much prefer working as a solo operator who can provide a more personal service than what a larger agency can deliver. This is why I limit my clientele to just five at any one time. If you’re curious about my own personal property journey, you can learn about it here, and if you’ve read this far, I appreciate you taking the time to understand what makes me tick and why our paths have crossed. 

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