Why Your Parent’s Opinion About The House Is Deadlier Than The Agent’s

Buying your first home, or even a second or third home often starts out fun and exciting, but as the weeks and months tick on and you STILL haven’t found anything you like, or worse, you HAVE but you’ve MISSED OUT, the task of house hunting can often be put on hold for more important things on a Saturday morning; like sleep ins and late brunches.

What can make things worse is having to navigate the opinions of friends and family who KNOW you’re in the market and are waiting with baited breathe for that Facebook post of you with the sold sign out the front of your new home.

When it doesn’t come, the question arises, “have you found a house yet”?

Friends and family often play a fairly significant role in the house hunting saga and it’s often I see in my travels the young couple with the in-laws in tow, scoping out a house on a Saturday morning.
A quick glance from the selling agent at the open often confirms my suspicions that mum and dad probably should have stayed home.

You see, it’s not the agent you have to worry about telling you porkies about the place to get you to buy; it’s mum, dad, the in laws, your best mate and that friend who bought a property last year that you need to worry about.

These people, as well intended as they come, most of the time won’t have a clue about what is the right property for you.

Let alone what the market is REALLY doing and what to look for when it comes to a good property.

Sure, you might trust them, respect their opinion and listen up when they fire questions at the agent on your behalf, but often, I see things working in the reverse. Rather than help the cause, they get the agent off side and put the poor buyers in a less than favourable position.

You might not have thought about it from this angle, but the truth is this…

If your best mate ticks the agent off, fat chance that salesperson is going to work in your favour to get you the property.

The reality is, selling agents 9 times out of 10 WILL KNOW MORE about the property they are selling and what the market is doing.


In my 20 years in the real estate industry, and recent 6 years in the Brisbane property market, I can tell you this, THE MAJORITY of the agents I know and work with on a regular basis TELL THE TRUTH when asked questions about a property they are selling and how to best secure it.

It’s the buyers who THINK they’re being played that often end up the losers in the deal because they’re too busy not trusting anyone that they miss out on the property altogether.

No sold sign picture on Facebook and another round of open houses next week for them.

You can avoid being this person if can learn to work in with the agent and put mum and dad’s opinions to one side, with a grain of salt.

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