"I understand busy professionals because I am one."

Are We A Match?

We understand that partnering with a professional whom you trust, genuinely like, and are confident will deliver the right result is paramount in your decision making. Of course, we could list all the wonderful things about why we are the obvious choice, but the truth is, you already know. It’s a gut feeling we get.  Your Buyer’s Agent will play a leading role in your life during your house hunting endeavours so it’s important we are the right match. For this reason, we ask that you book a consultation with Wendy below to see if we’re on the same wavelength, but from our end, we believe we’ll work well together if you can answer YES to the following:


1. You prefer working one-on-one with an independent agent, than a larger “corporate style” agency.

2. Securing the Right property is more important to you than chasing a bargain.

3. Your intended purchase is within 12km of Brisbane CBD.

4. You’ll approach this journey with optimism, an open mind and patience. 

5. You get a sense you can trust my advice and follow my lead.