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Russell and Larissa’s investment journey.

The Goal for Russell and Larissa is to be one of those couples who sit back in retirement, collecting passive income from their property portfolio.

I met Russell 6 years ago when we worked together on his first investment purchase, and now with the equity gain from this and their first property, the couple have just settled on their third investment, which I helped them to acquire. The couple are well on their way to building wealth through property and I’m incredibly proud to be part of this journey with them.


”We first met Wendy as rookie investors in late 2014 looking to purchase our first investment property. Not knowing anything about the property market (or investing for that matter) Wendy made us feel confident that we had experience on our side to start the search. We gave Wendy a rough idea of what we wanted and less than a week of looking, we got a really excited phone call from her advising that she had located a property with lots of potential and we should check it out straight away. We did like the property but in our inexperience we thought it best to keep looking as this was the very first one we had seen. Wendy assured us that this property was a gem and we shouldn’t let it slip away.

So with complete faith in Wendy we made an offer.
Wendy expertly helped to negotiate an excellent price on our behalf. We later found out it was $15k cheaper than a property with the exact same house a couple of doors down the street. Thumbs up to a service that pays for itself in the first week!

Five years down the road and the property has grown in capital by over $100k.

We had such a good experience the first time around we decided to engage Wendy again for our second purchase. This time the market was much more competitive so Wendy had the opportunity to showcase her relentless work ethic. Good property after good property were eliminated from the search because she knew “we can do better”.

She has such an unwavering high spirit which was very calming and reassuring to know that no matter how long it was taking to find our next gem it would be perfect. After about 5 months of looking we got to hear that excitement in her voice once again. We visited the property and put our offer in the very next day. It’s safe to say that we couldn’t be happier with Wendy’s performance and moving forward I don’t think we will ever buy another property without her. If property is your wealth creation strategy and you want to make your money work for you, surround yourself with professionals like Wendy!”