Negotiate Like A Boss

Negotiate Like A Boss





Learn Wendy’s 6 steps to negotiation success.

Direct, to the point, and conversational, Wendy’s latest instalment to her book series is the only property negotiation book you’ll ever need to give you the confidence to out-play the real estate agents (and the other buyers) at their own game.

Packed with real life examples, BONUS scripts, practical advice, and insights learned throughout her twenty year career in real estate, Negotiate Like A Boss reveals all of the secret negotiation hacks you need to come out a winner.

Negotiate Like A Boss is the ultimate, no-nonsense, practical guide to fast-tracking your property negotiation skills and becoming an expert at securing your next property.


(See Table of Contents below)


Wendy’s 6 Steps To Negotiation Success

Step 1 – Reading the Play

Step 2 – Establishing Motivators

Step 3 – Creating a Win/Win

Step 4 – The Give and Take Rule

Step 5 – Take the Focus off Price

Step 6 – Offers in Writing

He/She Who Speaks Too Much Loses

Pip Them at the Post

Build a Healthy Rapport with the Agent

Handling Multiple Offers

Step 1 – Play Your Own Game

Step 2 – Ask for a Multi-Offer Acknowledgement

Step 3 – Ask About the Process

Step 4 – Trust What the Agent Says

Using Time to Your Advantage


Negotiation Examples (3) – BONUS Templates