Lights Camera Auction!

Lights Camera Auction!





Written in her ever-practical and conversational style, Wendy Russell delivers a carefully crafted, step by step formula for successfully buying any property at auction. Using her unique 4-Figure Pricing Strategy™, you’ll learn how to set a firm walk away figure and stick to it, whilst delivering strategic bids throughout the auction. Not only will you be confident in what to pay and when to walk away, you’ll have an unfair advantage over the other bidders who came unprepared. With real life examples at actual auctions, Wendy reveals all the tips and secret tactics used to intimidate the competition and win on the day – whether you buy the property or choose to let it go to another bidder. Ditch the nerves and build unwavering confidence with Lights, Camera, Auction! – the only guide you’ll ever need to be a killer bidder on auction day.


(See Table of Contents below)


Fast-track your way to becoming a professional Auction Bidder.
The core concepts and strategies discussed throughout this Book can typically be applied to any property auction in Australia, with slight variances in each state.


Welcome To The World Of Real Estate Auctions


What I’ll Teach You:

The Auction Process From Start To Finish

Step 1 – Inspecting The Property

Step 2 – What To Do At The Inspection

Step 3 – What To Ask The Agent

Step 4 – What To Do Following The Inspection

Step 5 – Preparing The Comparative Market Analysis / Calculating Estimate Market Value

Step 6 – Request A Formal Valuation

Step 7 – Financing Your Auction Purchase

Step 8 – Getting A Read On The Buyers

Step 9 – Setting Your Buying Limit

Step 10 – Deciding On Your Bidding Style

Auction Paperwork

Step 11 – The Bidder’s Registration Form

Step 12 – Bidding On Behalf Of Others

Gearing Up For Game Day:

Day Of The Auction – Lights, Auction, Action!

Step 13 – Preparing For The Big Day

Step 14 – What To Wear – Dressing For Success

Step 15 – When To Arrive

Step 16 – What To Do At Registration

The Contract Of Sale

Conditions Of Sale

Title Search

Bidders Registered

Deposit Cheque / Transfer

Step 17 – Approaching The Auction Team

Step 18 – Strategising Your Game Plan

Step 19 – Creating Allies Within The Auction Team

Step 20 – Power Positioning – Where To Sit / Stand

Step 21 – Making Your First Bid

Step 22 – Placing A Knockout Bid

Step 23 – Making Each Bid Count

Step 24 – Dealing With Competing Bidders

Step 25 – Placing The Winning Bid

Step 26 – Contract Follow-Up

Auction Blunders

Is The Property On The Market?

Bidding Against Yourself

Auction Terminology – What It All Means

What Is The Reserve Price?

What Does It Mean When A Property Is Passed In?

When Is A Property “On The Market”?

Why Does The Auctioneer Call 3 Times?

What Is A Vendor Bid?

Conclusion / Summary

Wendy’s Auction Master Checklist – Download

How To Book Wendy For Your Upcoming Auction

Learn what my clients said post-auction, after adopting the strategies they learned in my book to win their auction and secure their first home.

“I just wanted to let you know we got the house at Byth Street! I can’t even tell you how perfect your advice was, it was scary how accurate you were!!! We did everything that you said and it paid off! You are seriously incredible, I can’t thank you enough.” 

– Emily Ownsworth | Brisbane