Let's Move You From Dreaming It To Owning It.

I am excited to be in a position to help you make this transition from wherever you are in the world – to the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. Whether you’re moving to your forever home, a first home or an upgrade from where you started, my team and I are here to make this move an unforgettable and stress-free experience. Investors – you can rely on us for the latest market trends and our expertise in guiding you to high-growth areas of Brisbane that consistently outperform.

Learn more about our personalised end-to-end service for professionals who value their time.

The Process.

Our journey together will look something like this ...

Together, we will create your Buyer Brief – a short description of your ideal property and the areas we plan to target for our search. This will act as our roadmap when we begin the house-hunt. 

We co-ordinate the groundwork and short-list homes that match your Brief. Alerts are set up to all key real estate portals and our local networks are contacted. If your Brief is especially specific, we may target certain homes directly. Each Monday, you receive a personalised Weekly Search Report tracking our progress.

We personally inspect each property that is considered for purchase. We take photos and videos of the home for you to view at your leisure, with a view to showcasing the true nature and condition of the property, rather than relying on the photoshopped images used in the online marketing. Wendy personally inspects all homes that are intended for purchase.

When we find a home that could be the One, my team and I will prepare complete due diligence, including various property reports, searches, and a comprehensive market analysis that indicate the estimated worth of the home, what you should (and shouldn’t pay) and whether there are any obvious red flags present.

Wendy represents your best interests in all negotiations. The focus is to strategically secure the home for the least amount possible and on terms that best suit you.

My team and I will co-ordinate all required property inspections where necessary. We can put you in touch with our tried, tested (and most importantly) trusted inspectors and professions so you can be sure you are aligning with the best in the business.

Your Contract documents will be managed throughout the settlement period in conjunction with your nominated legal representative. Although we understand that once Contracts are signed, the purchase becomes that of a legal nature, my team and I will oversee all aspects where possible to ensure the purchase progresses smoothly through to settlement.

At settlement, we conduct an on-site pre-settlement inspection of the home. We coordinate with your legal team to ensure the exchange process is seamless, and my team arrange key collection, connection of services + we engage cleaners, maintenance contractors and various trades to help with your move and prepare your home for your arrival.

You'll also benefit from

  • exclusive access to off-market properties.
  • priority inspections.
  • weekly updates.
  • 7 days a week, after hours access to Wendy.

This Service at a glance

  • a complete end-to-end service.
  • best suited to buyers who value their time.
  • professional fees starting from AUD 5,500 to secure Wendy’s commitment + an agreed success fee at unconditional purchase.

Let's team up if

  • You’re time-poor.
  • You value expert advice.
  • You’re finding reasons to delay.
  • You’re interstate, overseas or travel regularly.
  • You have no time for real estate agents.

What To Expect.

There's no rush and no set time limit. We work together for as long as needed to secure the right property.

Finding the right home or investment can be a tedious task and when you’re already busy, the thought of stepping through the complex house-hunting process can feel overwhelming. Some buyers get lucky and find their perfect place within weeks – whereas for most, the journey can stretch out many months.

If you’re picky (like I am), it is completely normal for the process to take more than just a few weeks, but when the weeks roll into months and you still haven’t found The One, it can be tempting to give up on the search altogether. This is exactly the moment you need an experienced cheerleader by your side who can be the voice of reason and reignite the journey.

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