First Home Buyers E-Kit

First Home Buyers E-Kit



No one ever teaches us how to buy our First Home, so we stumble through the process and HOPE it all works out, unbeknown to the risks and traps that could set us back hundreds of thousands of dollars; not to mention the ongoing heartache if we buy the wrong property.

The process is not only confusing, but daunting when you don’t really know what to expect.

Wendy Russell explains what to do at each stage of the buying process, and provides a clear roadmap so you can best prepare for the journey ahead.

Ultimately, this E-kit will give you all the tools you need to make your first purchase a huge success.


This is the ultimate online guide for anyone looking to buy their first home anywhere in Australia… and get it right! Now is your opportunity to fast-track your property knowledge and negotiation skills, whilst getting in the know on everything you can expect when buying for the first time. Whether you’re mid-way through your purchase or just getting started, you’ll soon have all the right tools to tackle the market, the agents and buy your first home with confidence.



INTRO – The 6 Buying Stages | identifying the stages of the buying process and how to approach this e-kit.

STAGE 1 – Getting Market Ready | setting the right foundations to enter the property market.

STAGE 2 – Starting The Search | how to find the very best properties in your search area.

STAGE 3 – Due Diligence | what to check and how to establish a property’s estimate market worth.

STAGE 4 – Negotiating | learning property negotiation tips, tactics and strategic plays.

STAGE 5 – Contracts | examples of the Contract documents you’re about to sign.

STAGE 6 – Settlement | what happens and what you need to do during the settlement process.

plus …

PROPERTY LINGO – Commonly referred to real estate terminology explained in easy to understand terms.

TEMPLATES, CHECKLISTS, SCRIPTS – all the worksheets you will need to help complete your purchase.



  • Begin by reading each of the Workbooks (Buying Stages) -preferably in numerical order, beginning with the Introductory and Stage 1.
  • Download and print off the PDF Checklists, Worksheets, Scripts and Examples for each Stage and complete as required.
  • Review the Real Estate Lingo so you understand specific property terminology and what it all means.
  • Refer back to each relevant Buying Stage and the accompanying Scripts and Templates as you work through your actual purchase.
  • Go out into the marketplace an empowered and confident buyer who knows the process inside out.


Here’s some of the take aways you’ll get…

A complete understanding of the buying process from start to finish, as well as what to do at each stage.

A simple breakdown of all the costs of buying a home (including the hidden ones).

A budget of how much money you will need to complete the purchase.

How to determine what a property is worth and where you should set your price limit.

Skills to negotiate your purchase so you’re in a better position to secure your perfect home for less.

How to make a first offer so the agent knows you mean business.

Tips to building your Property A-Team of trusted advisors who you can lean on for help throughout your purchase.

How to spot a property spruiker and those who aren’t working in your best interests, so you don’t get duped.

Tips to approaching real estate agents with confidence and knowing what to say (and what not to say) so you have the advantage.

An understanding of what you need to research before you buy a property so you avoid being stuck with a dud.

An overview of the Contract documents you will be signing when you make your purchase official.

Understanding the settlement process and what needs to happen so the property ownership transfers correctly, and you can move in.

Know the meaning of all the property related terms you never quite understood but were too afraid to ask.