Buying Blind

Buying Blind




Learn the 10 biggest mistakes investors make when buying property.

Packed with real life examples of actual purchases gone wrong and tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes, Wendy Russell shares her insights over 20 years investing in property.

Explaining what capital growth drivers are and what to look for in a great property, this entertaining and to-the-point guide will open your eyes to the property investment world, and the traps that first timers can fall into.

Buying Blind is a must-read introductory guide for first time investors and buyers wanting to get it right the first, or next time around.

(See Table of Contents below)

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Welcome to my world of property

Introducing The 10 Stuff-Ups

Most Investors Get It Wrong

How Investors Stuff It Up

Stuff Up 1 – Assuming Property Alone Is The Answer

Stuff Up 2 – Investing Where You Live

Stuff Up 3 – Buying A Dud

Stuff Up 4 – Listening And Acting On Biased Advice

Stuff Up 5 – Taking Advice From Family And Friends

Stuff Up 6 – Buying In The Wrong Name

Stuff Up 7 – Having A Short-Term Investment Plan

Gambers vs Investors

The Rise and Fall of The Boom / Bust Mining Town

Beginning Of The Bubble

Property A vs Property B – The Difference of 1%

Stuff Up 8 – Over-Paying

Stuff Up 9 – Selling


Your Investment Journey Ahead

Quote By Warren Buffett