M and B approached me following a growing frustration of being unable to buy a property due to time constraints and a fast-moving market. As first home buyers, the task of securing a home was becoming overwhelming and they decided to take the plunge and engage a professional to represent them.

When we found The One, we were immediately presented with a competitive multiple offer situation where I was able to use my industry contacts and knowledge of Contract negotiation to push their offer to the top of the pile, ensuring we secured the home on the right terms.


What the Clients had to say…

“We had been searching for a property for a few months on our own, and as first home buyers who have very busy work lives, we were completely overwhelmed. The market we stepped into was extremely competitive, with multiple offers on every property and it felt like an impossible task.

Initially we were quite unsure about investing in a Buyer’s Agent, but from the moment we had our first consultation with Wendy we knew it was the right decision for us. She took the time to get to know us, understand exactly what we were looking for and answer any questions (which were many). We left the consultation feeling confident and excited.

Throughout the whole process, Wendy’s communication was amazing. Always taking the time to answer every question we had with so much patience – her knowledge is next level.

The process itself was actually really enjoyable as well! We loved getting videos of property walk-throughs, which also meant we didn’t have to spend every weekend going to multiple open homes. Any property we had a genuine interest in we received a full due diligence report as well, which we found incredibly helpful.

When it came to finally securing a property we loved, Wendy did everything possible to make sure it was ours – including back and forth negotiations at 9.30pm!! We truly believe we would not have been able to purchase our dream home without her. Wendy (and her assistant Ericka) went above and beyond our expectations and made the process of buying our first home a truly enjoyable experience. We can’t recommend Wendy highly enough to anyone looking to purchase a property in Brisbane!”


Based in Hong Kong, T and A were unable to co-ordinate a Brisbane purchase and needed a trusted party on-the-ground to manage the purchase from start to settlement. The clients appointed us to assist with a very specific property Brief – an art-deco unit holding in New Farm or similar surrounding suburb. We considered several buildings both on and off-market before the right one presented itself. I was able to secure the property in Hampton Court despite a multiple offer from a competing buyer.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy helped my wife and I develop our preliminary thoughts about buying investment property in Brisbane into a firm plan, which she then executed with flawless attention to detail. She and her colleague Ericka are available and responsive.

Her thoughts about and answers to specific questions were valuable and to the point. Her knowledge of the market and relationships with selling agents are very impressive. She is scary good at negotiation and auction strategy. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services to other buyers. In fact, we are planning to engage her again sooner rather than later.”


S and S were new to property and had previously seen the value in working with a Buyer’s Agent. The couple engaged me to find and negotiate their first home purchase and within a few weeks of searching, the home we had kept an eye on had come down in price significantly, and we were able to secure the property despite a multiple offer from another buyer.


What the Clients had to say…

“Being first home buyers, we didn’t have a clue on how to go about finding the right property for us. From our first meeting onwards, Wendy put us at ease and gave us comfort and reassurance about the process. She not only guided us but was also a great sounding board for different property ideas.

We wouldn’t have got our dream home without her. It’s her expert negotiation skills and experience, that got us the property and also saved us a lot of money. Wendy went above and beyond throughout this process…especially during a pandemic!

And now we’re popping the champagne in our dream home. Thank you Wendy for all your help and support. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to buy a property. It’s the most important decision of your life and you need a professional who knows how this process works.”


K and M approached me to secure their dream home – a gorgeous Queenslander in Hendra that was going to Auction. They wanted a professional who could act on their behalf on the day of the Auction, as well as guide them on how to best prepare for the day, and what their walk away limits should be in terms of price.

Despite a lengthy Auction, the home was theirs with the fall of the hammer and a lot let stress, as they didn’t have to be present on the day to make bids or negotiate under stressful conditions.


What the Clients had to say…

“In late 2019 we were moving our young family back to Brisbane from interstate and had been watching the property market for about 18 months.

Upon arriving in Brisbane we narrowed our search to three main locations and undertook detailed research, including viewing multiple properties. Two areas were comfortably within our budget and the third was a stretch, but was our dream location. We have bought a number of properties previously, but none through auction, so when we saw an amazing house come up in our dream location that we thought may be within our budget we knew we needed to prepare.

We did plenty of research and devised what we thought might be the best auction strategy, but our inexperience buying at auction was leading to nagging doubts. We came across Wendy via social media and were immediately impressed so we set up a meeting. From the outset Wendy inspired confidence.

She was simply outstanding to deal with. We discussed with her our thoughts and picked her brain on pricing and the best strategy to employ on the day. Wendy’s experience, market knowledge (including specific written market analysis for the property we were interested in) and personal relationships with key real estate professionals shone through and we knew we were in the best of hands.

We also knew that competition for the property was going to be stiff and it was! Wendy executed our agreed strategy to perfection and despite around ten bidders plus multiple parties holding contracts and an auction that lasted over an hour, Wendy secured the property for us at exactly the number we wanted.

We feel very blessed to have come across a professional of Wendy’s calibre – she is literally the best at what she does. We secured the dream home for our family and have made a trusted, lifelong friend in the process! We have no hesitation in recommending Wendy and will continue to actively refer friends and family to her.

If you are looking for a Buyers Agent with integrity, then do yourself a favour and speak to Wendy. We are sure it will only take one conversation for you to see what we saw. Thank you Wendy, we will forever be grateful for your wise counsel, steady hand and your amazing negotiating skills – we can’t thank you enough!”


Following a referral from a local selling agent in Brisbane, A reached out to me to bid on his behalf at the Auction of a home he was hoping to secure for his young family.

A professional in the corporate industry, A’s time was limited and he understood the benefits of working with a like-minded, professional Auction Strategist in this capacity. Realising that removing himself from the bidding process would eliminate the pressure on the day, and likely increase his chances of securing the home for less, he was quick to engage my service.

We worked together to bounce ideas, set a strong but realistic walk away figure, and create a strategic plan for the day; one in which I would execute in accordance with his preferred bidding style, which was “hold bids until the property came on the market”.

Following an intense Auction with multiple bidders, I was able to secure the home for well under the agreed walk away price.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy was recommended to us by a top agent in Brisbane to bid on our behalf at an auction on the Gold Coast. We had been targeting this particular area for a while and had seen a lot of competition in the market for these properties.

I was keen to remove the emotion and engage an expert to represent us at auction, Wendy was exactly what I wanted and she far surpassed our expectations. We discussed the preferred strategy and pricing limits prior to the auction and she confidently bid on our behalf and was able to slow the auction down and secure the property below our agreed limit.

I’m confident that we wouldn’t have achieved this outcome without Wendy and her experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy’s services. Extremely well done Wendy – many thanks! “


A and L approached me to help them secure a new home in Brisbane following a decision to relocate to be closer to family. The property in Bruce Street was presented to me through a local contact in real estate in an off-market capacity and it wasn’t long before we realised it was ticking all of the boxes.

His partner had seen my social media shout-out with A and L’s Brief and realised it sounded like the perfect match for a property her husband was about to bring to market.

A steady negotiation saw as secure the property within just a few weeks from when we started our search, and of course, before it went live to the open market.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy found us a home that ticked every single box (and more!), perfect location, off market and within about 2 weeks – AMAZING!

We were interstate so Wendy had to do a lot of due diligence, photography & videography on our behalf. Wendy operated quickly, professionally and her wealth of knowledge was above and beyond expectations. We can’t thank Wendy enough!”


B and N had previously worked with me to secure their new home in Brisbane and within just a few months, had decided to expand their property portfolio through a purchase in super, and engage my services once again.


What the Clients had to say…

“We bought our dream home through Wendy and were so happy we enlisted her services a second time to purchase an investment property. Can’t recommend Wendy enough. 5 star all the way.”


El flew to Brisbane to meet with me in person before engaging me to find her a new home, following a decision to relocate from Melbourne. El’s career sees her travel on a regular basis and she needed to find a property that felt like home. Convenience to public transport and amenities was high on her priority list and the home needed to feel secure and comfortable – a place she could entertain when friends dropped by.

Drane Street was the perfect option after inspecting many potential homes, and since I had a fantastic rapport with the selling agent, I was able to position El’s Contract in the best light possible so that it was a no-brainer for the seller to agree to our terms despite having another offer on the table.


What the Client had to say…

“It took a few months from start to finish and throughout the process Wendy was positive, patient, proactive and professional. When we did find the right house, she made the whole process so much less stressful. Together we got better results than I could have got alone, especially as I live interstate and there were a few complications we needed to address along the way.”


M and K had plans to return home to Brisbane following several years abroad, and partnered with me to secure their new family home.

The property needed to have good bones and be well-located in a family friendly neighbourhood within close proximity to the city. 

We secured the home in Bourne Street following a series of late-night negotiations that eventually resulted in success.


What the Clients had to say…

“My wife and I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough to any prospective buyer looking for an advantage in the rough and tumble world that is the Brisbane real estate market.

We had been living overseas for the last 16yrs and the need relocate back to Australia meant it was critical that we find the perfect family home. With COVID restrictions and the market moving so quickly it became evident early in our search that we needed help if we didn’t want to miss out on the right property.

Whilst we recognised the support of a buyers agent was critically important we didn’t want to settle and had to find somebody who balanced pure professionalism, straight talk, a focus on delivering the highest levels of customer service and a person that would go above and beyond to secure the right property – these are the qualities we found in Wendy.

Even though we were living in Singapore Wendy was always able to communicate proactively and keep us abreast of all the movements in our search for the right home. Through her extensive network and deep professional relationships Wendy was able to secure us the home that we loved, in the area that we wanted even though it’s one of the most competitive places in the Brisbane market. Negotiation skills, attention to detail and tenacity lead her to securing the deal below the property’s true market value.

The testament to her ability meant that just two months later in the hunt for another investment property we used Wendy to secure an off market unit that settled within six weeks and well below our budgeted price.

I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough and for any future needs I’ll definitely be using her services again.”


D and C are busy professionals with demanding work schedules and when their dream home came up for sale, they knew they needed a professional to represent them on the ground, and guide their decisions when it came to the Auction.

I guided their decisions when it came to realistic property value and executed our strategy on the evening of the auction, knocking out a very aggressive bidder to win the property.


What the Clients had to say…

“We worked with Wendy to acquire our home in Brisbane and she made the whole experience very comfortable and delivered a very positive outcome.

From the moment we first made contact she was extremely communicative and responded to all our questions quickly, with considered and knowledgeable input. Her advice was spot on with the right combination of cold hard facts tempered with the recognition that purchasing a home to live in has an element of intuition to it.

Being new to the city we didn’t know the market and we weren’t comfortable with attending auction ourselves. Her knowledge of the market made us feel confident that we were making the right decision and strategy with regards to the purchase and ultimately she secured a spectacular property for us well within our budget.”


B and N approached me as they were looking to relocate from Sydney to Brisbane and needed a professional set of eyes and ears on the ground to find and secure a new family home. Good school catchment and a family friendly layout were important, as well as an eye catching home that represented good value. Towers Street ticked all the boxes, and I represented B and N at Auction, successfully securing the property for close to $100,000 below their budget.


What the Clients had to say…

“We bought our beautiful family home with Wendy’s help. We were time poor and looking to relocate interstate. She never hesitated to visit houses for inspections we showed interest in. She was also brave enough to challenge our thinking using her in-depth market knowledge of where to buy and what to buy.

As a result we bought our dream home, and were so happy we enlisted her services a second time to purchase an investment property for us. Can’t recommend Wendy enough. 5 star all the way.”


R and S approached me because they were relocating to Brisbane for work. Both being working professionals they had no time to look for property and residing interstate made property inspections and attending auctions out of reach. They knew they needed a professional on their side if this purchase was to be a success.

Here’s where I stepped into the picture…

R and S knew the style of home they wanted and we pinpointed the right areas with laser precision. They had to be within a short walk of their work and so when the right one came up, we knew it was worth pursuing with force.

This property was going to auction and I assisted with representation on the day, bidding tactics and walk away price setting. The property was secured under our budgeted limit following multi-bidders and an auction that seemed to last an entire morning.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy, thank you for all your hard work. We certainly couldn’t have done it without you. You made the whole process so easy for us and we were very reassured having you onboard. Your service was 100% and fulfilled all our expectations so thank you. We are so excited!”


J was prompted to reach out to me after she saw one of my online videos discussing offers and how to best position them for success.

She had recently missed out on a property she had her heart set on and was extremely disappointed it hadn’t worked out. She needed to appoint the right person who could not only find her “second” dream home, but make sure the property was actually secured this time around.

I worked with J for several months, targeting ideal homes in her chosen suburbs and letterbox dropping the owners with a personalised prompt to sell letter. Coincidentally, an exact home we had targeted came available for sale in an off-market capacity.

I had worked with the agent previously and had built a great rapport. It took a few weeks to negotiate the deal, and the end result saw both parties extremely satisfied with the outcome. J could move in to her dream home and the sellers could move on to their new one.


What the Client had to say…

“I gave Wendy a reference picture of my dream home. I wanted a colonial Queenslander in a certain area of Brisbane. They’re not easy to find and once found, bids are competitive. Wendy was extremely pro active in her search and communicated her results back to me regularly. A few months later the actual house I’d referenced came up for sale in an off market capacity. Wendy helped me secure the purchase of this home and at a decent price, something I am one hundred percent certain I wouldn’t have succeeded in doing without her.

Beyond this incredible skill and talent Wendy has for negotiating, she is a wonderful person, always respectful, supportive and caring. She was patient, kind (understanding the stress of purchasing a home to live in) and completely transparent in her dealings with both myself and the seller.

She also organised everything to do with the purchase and settlement personally. When you engage Wendy, you deal with her direct, not an assistant.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendy for anyone wishing to purchase a property in Brisbane. You won’t find a better buyer’s agent.”


T and L approached me to manage the search of their new home in Brisbane, following a decision they had made to relocate their young family from Sydney.

Following many inspections and a thorough review of a number of inner city suburbs, The Gap was where they found their heart.


What the Clients had to say…

“My husband and I decided to relocate our young family from Sydney and move to sunny Brisbane. We had no idea where to start. We searched for a few months independently and felt so overwhelmed and lost in the process. Questions kept appearing.. How do we know if it’s a good part of the suburb? How can we do the legwork from another state? How can we feel confident bidding on a house from so far away? Then, through a social media referral we were recommended Wendy.

From the start and feeling quite overwhelmed, Wendy guided, educated and checked-in with us along our journey. There were many, many phone calls and questions but her superior knowledge, her contact list of agents and connections allowed us to secure our forever home to raise our young children. Her knowledge runs very deep and her skills and experience are first class.

Wendy is an impeccable people reader. My husband and I had been going back and forth about a property for a few weeks. We absolutely loved it but there was one factor that made us feel a little uneasy. We were due to bid at auction on it. A few days prior I called Wendy and told her our doubts. We had been working with Wendy for a few months by this time and knew us and our brief quite well. She took the time to listen and confidently reflect back her thoughts on the situation. We ended up not bidding, and I can safely say we are so glad we didn’t. She is there as a sounding board and provides a professional unbiased opinion. We never ever felt pressured to buy. She invests so much time into her clients she truly wants to find that perfect home as much as we do!

Even though the search took longer than my husband and I anticipated, we found our perfect home! We went to a multi offer scenario. Wendy took the time to talk us through the strategy, and made us feel at ease. She executed our strategy perfectly. She was right every step of the way, if we had not taken her advice in this instance, we wouldn’t have secured our dream home. For that we are forever grateful.

To cap it all off – it has been 2 months since we settled on the house. We have stayed in contact with Wendy and she has gone above and beyond any expectation we had of her service. She opened our house up for trades, removalists and even did a grocery shop!!

We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy in Brisbane. She is professional, warm, witty and smart all rolled into one.  Wendy Russell, our professional agent, strategist and a friend forever!”


What the Client had to say…

“Having no experience of the Brisbane property market and concerns about oversupply of apartments I decided to engage Wendy to help me clarify my brief so we could focus the house hunt; (which admittedly had been “all over the shop” until that point).

We decided that with my budget and requirement for an executive low maintenance residence that we would begin looking at townhouses in the Bulimba/Hawthorne/Balmoral precinct.

The brief changed slightly once we started to view potential options as my preference was for something freehold and this meant increasing the original budget.

Alas, we found a house that had been for sale for a few months and the seller had rejected an offer early in the sales process.

With no other options they had decided to go to auction and had pulled the advertisement.

Wendy knew the sales agent well and managed to secure the property with a single, strong offer. Fortunately they accepted and the rest is history.

The icing on the cake was that as part of the valuation for the mortgage, the property valued at approximately $200k more than I paid for it! A result indeed.

Wendy made the buying process pain free and focused on all the tasks that I had no interest or time to do myself, such as dealing with agents, initial viewings, due diligence etc etc. We also had fun and a good laugh while out and about checking out Brisbane properties.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone wishing to purchase a property in Brisbane. You won’t find a better Buyer’s Agent.”


M and M initially engaged my Due Diligence service to help identify any points of concern and gain a better understanding of fair market value of the property they had intended to buy in Graceville.

I later was involved in the re-negotiation of the Contract which saw the clients successfully secure their new home for a price we felt was below market value.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy was fantastic.

Her negotiation skills are second to none. The poor real estate agent is still recovering from the heart palpitations she gave him! If you want the best, get Wendy!”


D and her family were referred to me via a colleague in finance. Having a very limited understanding of the Australian property landscape and the process by which to facilitate a home purchase under Foreign Investment Review, I worked with D and her two daughters to secure their perfect home in Holland Park, prior to auction.

Following many weeks of inspecting “potentials”, this stunning home with city views revealed itself as The One. It ticked all the right boxes and rather than risk losing the property to another buyer at Auction, D was keen for me to take it off the market immediately with a strong cash offer that secured the property despite multiple offers from other buyers attempting to do the same.

What the Clients had to say…

“It feels so good to have a home. We all appreciate your advice and help and it’s been a pleasure working with you.”


The Goal for R and L is to be one of those couples who sits back in retirement, collecting on their passive income from property investments.

I met R 5 years ago when we worked together on his first investment purchase, and now with the equity gain from this and their other property, the couple have just settled on their third property, which I helped them to acquire. The couple are well on their way to building wealth through property and I’m incredibly proud to be part of this journey with them.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wow Wendy, you’ve done it again!

We first met Wendy as rookie investors in late 2014 looking to purchase our first investment property. Not knowing anything about the property market (or investing for that matter) Wendy made us feel confident that we had experience on our side to start the search. We gave Wendy a rough idea of what we wanted and less than a week of looking, we got a really excited phone call from her advising that she had located a property with lots of potential and we should check it out straight away. We did like the property but in our inexperience we thought it best to keep looking as this was the very first one we had seen. Wendy assured us that this property was a gem and we shouldn’t let it slip away.

So with complete faith in Wendy we made an offer.

Wendy expertly helped to negotiate an excellent price on our behalf. We later found out it was $15k cheaper than a property with the exact same house a couple of doors down the street. Thumbs up to a service that pays for itself in the first week!

Five years down the road and the property has grown in capital by over $100k.

We had such a good experience the first time around we decided to engage Wendy again for our second purchase. This time the market was much more competitive so Wendy had the opportunity to showcase her relentless work ethic. Good property after good property were eliminated from the search because she knew “we can do better”.

She has such an unwavering high spirit which was very calming and reassuring to know that no matter how long it was taking to find our next gem it would be perfect. After about 5 months of looking we got to hear that excitement in her voice once again. We visited the property and put our offer in the very next day.

Its safe to say that we couldn’t be happier with Wendy’s performance and moving forward I don’t think we will ever buy another property without her. If property is your wealth creation strategy and you want to make your money work for you, surround yourself with professionals like Wendy!”


M engaged my Due Diligence and Pricing Strategy service to gain clarity on the price she should pay for a family home she wanted to buy. The property had received multiple offers from other Buyers looking to secure it and I was able to guide M and her partner in a way that secured them the property. They were ecstatic to have bought it!


What the Clients had to say…

“We engaged Wendy recently for a purchase. Whilst our engagement was of a small service and it was a niche request, Wendy from the get go was polite, professional and honest. We found her opinion, knowledge and advice extremely valuable for our circumstances. She gave us confidence and lowered our stress levels. I highly recommend engaging Wendy for her services. ”


C and N approached me to help them secure a family home following many months in the market searching on their own. When I first met with N, I quickly realised why they had been unsuccessful in securing a home up until this point – they lacked confidence and clarity.

We worked together for a few more months before the right one made it’s appearance, all the while I acted as the sounding board steering them in the right direction when it came to properties and their market price.

We purchased prior to auction and despite several other offers in the mix, I was able to convince the selling agent that our offer was the strongest of the bunch. 30 days later, C and N moved into their new home in East Brisbane.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy’s service is bespoke, from the initial consultation to refining the Brief, short listing properties all the way through to settlement – her approach is supportive yet consultative and when required, assertive. By employing all these traits coupled with her extensive knowledge of the market and the real estate industry she offers a service that is enviable and simply put, ensures results. If you’re looking to purchase the right property for your specific requirements, Wendy is your woman.”

When I visited Chris and Natalie a few months after they moved in, I asked them what they would have done differently had they had their time again.

Their response was …

“we would have engaged you sooner.”


C and D were referred to me by a Gold Coast agent as they were looking to secure an investment property in Brisbane, but didn’t have the time, or the know how to commit to the purchase and also be confident that it would perform the way they needed it to.

When the right property presented itself, we were quick to act, and despite a multiple offer, we managed to secure the property on terms that suited the clients. All in all, a successful outcome and a new property that ticked all the right boxes. It was worth the wait.


What the Clients had to say…

“My husband and I lead a super hectic life with work, children’s sport and life in general so we lacked the time and knowledge required to property hunt. Wendy being our Buyer’s Agent gave us the confidence to buy an investment property and to know what to expect before and after the purchase.

Wendy was readily available at any time of the day to answer questions and provide objective information about prospective properties. In our initial meeting, Wendy sat down with us and explained the entire process of buying a property. Her services appealed to us as she provided an expert opinion without an emotional attachment.

We sent Wendy properties that we liked and she provided informative feedback and prevented us from purchasing an unsuitable property.

When we found the property we loved, Wendy acted quickly and won us the property in less than a week of it being on the market with great negotiating skills.

She is very knowledgeable, relaxed and efficient. We could not recommend Wendy Russell more. She is always smiling with a casual yet professional manner and made our buying experience a stress-free and enjoyable one.

We are super happy with the property we purchased and we couldn’t have done it without you!! Thank you Wendy.”


T and K reached out to me to help them secure a new home for their young family in Brisbane. They had been renting a house in the suburb of Wilston for a few months and had recently relocated from Perth for K’s work.

Being working professionals and having no real knowledge of the Brisbane property market, T and K engaged me to help them find and secure a family home on Brisbane’s northside. It needed to be located in a family friendly area and be convenient to the city where K worked.

We spent around 5 months reviewing potential homes and the particulars of the Brief changed many times throughout this period. We needed to get it right as T and K planned to live in this home for many years to come. Rushing this purchase and risking buying the wrong home was not an option but at the same time, the tenancy deadline on their lease was looming.

Finally, the house in Caneby Street presented itself. I knew the selling agent and was able to negotiate a price and terms that worked for both parties. T and K moved in shortly after the settlement date and have plans to undertake some cosmetic renovations to really make it their own in the coming months.


What the Clients had to say…

“Thank you very much for all of your assistance with finding our Queensland home. We are really loving our house and getting to know our neighbours and the area.

We really liked your approach – and we think that is what sets you apart from your competitors. You were organised and structured, yet able to be flexible when needed – and most important, you were always super patient!!!

We will come back to you when we purchase our next property and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends.”


C and C were referred to me from a colleague in Sydney as they were looking to make better decisions second time around when it came to investing in property.

The property needed to demonstrate it could outperform the Brisbane averages when it came to capital growth, and I was able to show the Clients through statistics and reporting how this could be achieved by making a strategic decision on location and type of property.

C and C wanted a “set and forget” style investment where there was minimal maintenance and a high chance of securing a tenant who would value the home as their own and stay on for the long term.

Norman Parade ticked many boxes. A low maintenance brick home, just a few minutes walk to the local train station and within Eagle Junction State School catchment. The property was secured for close to $400,000 below the average house price of the Suburb, easily facilitating room for growth over the long term.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy was extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful in helping us secure our investment property. She didn’t push a sale, but took the time to help us choose the right thing for us. She also helped us in negotiations, saving us $20,000 and a lot of time and headache.


D and C appointed me to source and secure a high-performance property that ticked the right boxes for their self-managed superannuation fund. Following a lengthy search, the right opportunity was sourced as an off-market purchase through a local contact of mine.


What the Clients had to say…

“Wendy acted for my wife and I in the Brisbane market.

Wendy uncovered off-market opportunities for us, had a clear strategy to secure us the best value and was exhaustive in her due diligence once we agreed the targets. Wendy then negotiated a great deal on our behalf.

Wendy saved us a considerable amount of time and money in the process. A true mark of Wendy’s attitude to service can be found in that we still call her several years on to get her views on matters relating to the property. Wendy is a total professional with a deep market knowledge. We cannot recommend Wendy highly enough.”


J and L approached me to negotiate the purchase of a home they had spotted in Petrie. As the couple knew they would become emotionally involved in the process, they engaged me to negotiate the deal on their behalf. Following a number of back and forths between the parties, we successfully secured the home (and even managed to write the chickens into the Contract!)


What the Clients had to say…

“We are growing our overall investment portfolio, and put simply, the best thing we’ve ever done with property was engaging Wendy.

We’re suspicious folk, and particularly when it comes to real estate as that suspicion is generally justified. But the thing with Wendy is there isn’t a catch, sale, hook or stuff up, she is simply legit the whole way through. What’s more, if you ever look at her fee and question it, I can hand over heart say it is worth every penny, and this is based on simply maths: having her EASILY freed up 60 hours of our time hunting, negotiating, managing, inspecting, and travelling.

This time and stress is something we simply don’t have to give. On top of that, you get the benefit of a qualified professional’s advice, negotiation, task management and delegation (keeping solicitors, financiers, agents in check), and her contacts – which all hold intangible value.

She’s the kind of person you would trust referring your grandmother to.”