Why You Need To Trust The Agent Even When You Don’t Want To

The words “trust” and “real estate agent” rarely go hand in hand (unfortunately).

But here’s why NOT trusting could put you in an even worse position.

Here’s a little insight into what happened on Saturday just gone…

Whilst putting my heels back on after my first open home for the day, I got chatting to a lady standing beside me who was doing the same.

“It’s like the Queen Street Mall in there!”, were her words.

And yes, the truth was, we were both standing in a sea of shoes left on the front porch from the array of buyers who had made their way through that very same home.

I assured her it was probably just January fever where the buyers have all hit the market at once following weeks of holidays and back to school antics.

Now was their time to get serious about house hunting again, hence the crowd.

She gave me a nervous glance, the kind that says, I want to believe you, but I think this could just be the start of what is to come in the Brisbane property market this year.

The fact of the matter is that right now, the real estate market is hot with buyers and hot with new listings.

One of my own clients couldn’t believe the accuracy of my prediction that come Australia Day long weekend, you’ll start to see a lot more activity in the market, and more property will get listed.

This is exactly what is happening.

Lots of buyers. Lots of stock. Lots of offers.

And now comes the multi-offer scenario.

Yep, that dreaded real estate term that no buyer wants to hear when they finally find their dream home or perfect investment property.

Time and time again, I see buyers fumble when they get into a multi-offer and the first stumbling block they fail to overcome begins with the selling agent themselves.

Buyers simply don’t even TRUST they’re in a multiple offer.

They think the agent is pulling their leg just to squeeze a higher price out of them.

But here’s the thing. If an agent tells you to put your best foot forward (in other words, your best offer forward) because you might only get one shot at it, then you better do so!

Trust me, they’re not bullsh***ing you.

They’re giving you a heads up that if you don’t sharpen your pencil on your offer, you might miss out to another buyer.

And that other buyer is sometimes me.

Here’s why.

I trust what an agent tells me.

Because if I don’t, I could be disadvantaging my client. Heck, I might even miss their dream home, which would be an utter disaster!!

Sure, I take some things agents tell me with a grain of salt, but all in all, I know when to trust when an agent is telling me (in not so many words) where I need to be to secure a property.

This is how I win for my clients in so many multiple offer scenarios.

I trust what the agent tells me; I back it up with my own research; I make the call, and I position our contract in a way that makes it hard for the seller to refuse.

That’s how you buy property in a hot market.

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