If You’re On The Verge Of Burn-Out, Do This

For less than $100 and a window of 8 hours, you can bring yourself back from the brink.

Here’s how.

For those of you who have followed my journey, you’ll know that back in 2011/12, I went through an incredibly difficult time.

Diagnosed with depression and having to rebuild a new life for myself as a singleton, it took about 3 years to fully come out the other side, but thankfully, I did just that.


One of the biggest lessons I learned during this time was the importance of taking time out for yourself.

A Mental Health Day I liken it to.

Sounds full on I know, but the truth is, taking time out for yourself, or, going off-grid as I like to call it, even just for a day, has proven to be my saviour, back in those dark days, and even now.

If you’ve ever experienced true burn-out, you’ll know just how debilitating life can be if you continue to ignore the signs and plug on.

It’s soul destroying stuff.

As an Independent Brisbane Buyer’s Agent running my own business in the big bad (masculine) world of real estate, I know all too well that feeling of being exhausted beyond belief.

I also understand that as professionals, it can be challenging finding the time to switch off and change pace.

If we’re totally honest, it’s almost as though we don’t even WANT TO switch off.

We’re addicted to the high and adrenaline of the fast-paced and so we get stuck in this rut of work, work and more work.

But the reality is, we HAVE to slow down at some point.

I know that I have to if I want to survive, and most importantly, thrive.

If I don’t, I’m less productive, more irritable, I make mistakes, my body hurts, and I just can’t function at that optimum level we all want to cultivate when we’re a professional who wants to be leading their field and kicking some serious goals.

For me personally, I’m also aware that a depressive episode could be triggered if I don’t take this seriously. And there’s NO WAY I’m going to allow myself to slip back to those days.

If you hadn’t already guessed, (dark days aside) I’m actually a natural born, self confessed, over-achieving, success addict.

Sound familiar?

This is also the reason why I need to find ways to nurture my mind, body and spirit, because if I don’t, I’m losing the game, on all playing fields… and the ego doesn’t like this one bit!

I guess I’m just obsessed with winning.

For myself. For my clients. Heck, I’m just one of those people with a growth mindset who is constantly striving to be the best version of me.

Aren’t we all?

Maybe this obsession was born from coming out the other side of rock bottom, but either way, I know there’s others out there just like me.

Perhaps I’m describing you?

But the constant complaint I hear from those who want some sort of work/life/ even spiritual balance is, “where do I find the time?

Well, you just make time. It’s that simple.

What’s more important? Your career or your health?

Please don’t say your career?!

I hate to break it to you go-getter, but without health, there IS NO career.

You see, when I finally made the decision to take control of my life and get better, (yes, this was a conscious decision I made), I started forcing myself to take a Day Off-Grid.

One day during the week where I escaped all on my own, to a place that made me feel, well, happy.

It wasn’t easy at first because this concept of just “relaxing” and “switching off” felt foreign to me.

I had manoeuvred my life into a state of constant anxiety, busy-ness and over-thinking that I had to ask my therapist HOW to relax!

What the?!

But throughout this transformation, I found what I now refer to as my Happy Place in the Maleny Hinterland just off the Sunshine Coast, a mere hour and a bit drive from Brisbane.


Since 2010 I have been coming here.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I do when I’m taking a Day Off-Grid.

But first, here’s a little insider knowledge for you… the feeling of doing this “Day Off-Grid thing” is so incredibly empowering that if you follow in my footsteps and do it for yourself, you’ll realise just how overly beneficial and transformative taking a day out for yourself can be.

Guaranteed, in the days and even weeks to follow, you’ll feel more relaxed, have a clearer head and be more productive than you’ve ever been.

Trust me!

Here’s my routine.

Step 1 – Wake up early and drive one hour 15 minutes to Maleny. No radio. No music. No podcast. No noise.


Step 2 – I head to my favourite bookstore in the Maleny township and grab a latte. Here, I read a book that has NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS. Personally, I like to escape into Travel books and dream of / plan my next overseas adventure. (1 hour)


Step 3 – Day-spa retreat. I head to my favourite day-spa and treat myself to 30 minutes in the Hydro Room. Afterwards, I sit in the relaxation lounge for another hour or so with a cup of herbal tea, snuggle with a blanket and get lost in the fantasy of another non-business related book. (call it 2 hours)


Step 4 – Lunch at the retreat. I pre-plan a delicious, award winning chef’s lunch that is either brought to me at the Day-spa or enjoyed in the restaurant. I usually treat myself to a glass of champagne at the same time. (30 minutes)


Step 5 – I head down to the local Swimming Hole where I take a walk into nature and dip my toes in the cool waters of the rapids. There’s no phone reception here so it’s total bliss. (1 hour)


Step 6 – I finish my day with a light snack at one of the local cafes, and then I hit the road, top down if the whether’s pleasant, on my journey back to Brisbane.

All in all, I’ve accomplished a full day’s R and R, I’m back in Brisbane by the afternoon and it’s cost me less than $100.


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