The Real Reason You’re Still House Hunting After 6 Months

Last Friday, I received a text message about a house that was coming onto the market in a week’s time. It was an invitation to a private open home viewing the next day (Saturday), and as a local Buyer’s Agent, I often get these types of texts and emails sent to me, so this didn’t come as a shock. But looking closer at the property that had just landed on my iPhone screen – my ears began to prick.

I could feel the excitement building inside, and a smile made its way across my face.

You see, this house was the one I’d been waiting for.

As I looked at the address, zoomed in on my google maps and saw exactly where the property was located, I instantly knew I’d found The One.

My clients who had recently moved back to Brisbane from a long stint in Singapore had been patiently waiting for this moment.

We’d spent weeks looking through houses that never really felt right. Sure, there was a timeframe looming for this purchase as bub is well and truly on the way, and my clients were fully prepared to settle on a “now” home if the right one didn’t come up in time, but as you know, settling is NOT my thing.

I don’t settle and I certainly don’t expect my clients to either. But the reality was, it was time to sign a contract on a place, even if it didn’t tick EVERY box on the brief.

But for me, if I didn’t find them the dream home, I’d feel like a failure and although my clients never pressured me about this, my own instincts were kicking into overdrive. Wendy, find that fucking home. This is what they pay you to do!

And like clockwork, the right house presented itself and within 6 hours from the time my clients and I inspected, I had the deal negotiated and wrapped up.

We were settling in 2 weeks. One of the shortest settlements I’ve done.

You can only imagine how the phone call went that night when I phoned my buyers and told them the great news.

Now you might think we got LUCKY on this one, but let’s be honest, how much does luck ever play a REAL role in determining your destiny?

Where I’m going with all of this is really quite simple.

There’s a certain process that plays out time and time again and I see it with my buyers constantly.

The moment we get CLEAR on what the right house looks like, it appears.


It happens all the time.

But the trick is, you have to have the following elements in play:

You need to be “ready”. In other words, your finances are in order, your head and heart are both in agreement with what you want, and you’ve set the intention (ie you’ve taken action).

Simply said, you know what you want and you’re putting it out there to universe.

Secondly, you need to be PATIENT.

Trust that the right property WILL come up, and you WILL be able to secure it.

I’m big on reminding my clients about the need for patience in the buying process. Buyers who rush make mistakes and buy crappy houses they end up wanting to sell two years down the track.

Remember, you’re about to invest a lot of money – you want to get it right from the get go! Buying and selling is way too costly these days. Just think about the stamp duty and agents fees alone.

Thirdly, you need to be REALISTIC.

Setting a realistic budget when it comes to buying property is crucial. If you want the renovated colonial queenslander complete with pool and city view, a budget of $500,000 is not going to buy it! In Brisbane anyways. Ask yourself, are my expectations in line with my budget?

With home buyers in particular, I’ve seen the entire buying process take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Yes, the wait can be excruciating and downright frustrating, but as I say to my buyers who are feeling the pain from the waiting game, “you’ll be glad you waited for the right one rather than settling on something mediocre”.

Buyers who procrastinate, (this is a classic with first home buyers), are unsure, unclear on what they WANT in a house, and essentially aren’t “ready” are the ones who fail to lock down the right home.

So the point of my article is this. If you’re still house hunting in a years time from when you started, something is off. Something in the process I described above is not quite right and you need to revisit your strategy.

If all the elements are in play, your house will present itself, and you will buy it.

Have faith in the process. It works every time.

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