Why Gen Y Women Aren’t Waiting For A Man To Start Investing

In the days of our parents it was unheard of for a woman to be the sole mortgage payer and owner of a property.

How things have changed.

When I purchased my first home at the prime age of 20, not only was it an exciting time but also a time that something inside me shifted.

To make it happen on my own despite all the skeptics, even my own parents, was probably one of the most rewarding accomplishments in my life to date. The overwhelming sense of empowerment I felt turning the key in the front door and knowing that this place was all mine is something i’ll never forget.

More and more young women all over Australia are experiencing this same fulfilment with studies showing that single women home owners are on the rise.

These women aren’t waiting for a boyfriend or a marriage proposal to step into the world of property.

They’re doing it on their own, some with the help of buyers agents just like myself but what’s even more surprising is these women are educating themselves before they step into the property arena. Something that previous investor generations have in my opinion failed to do and suffered the consequences of poor investments as a result.

Not only are Gen Y women fiercely independent but we’re arguably smarter too. Especially when it comes to making the life choices and decisions that really count, like home ownership.

We’re paving our own path, buying our own homes and calling the shots like never before.

So what has sparked this independent streak in young Australian women? Is it the fear of leaving your life at the mercy of a man like was depicted in the movie Sex and the City or is it a growing inner confidence that is driving women to invest on their own?

One thing is for sure, real estate agents will need to sharpen their pencil (and certainly their negotiation skills) with more and more savvy, single women entering the property market and doing so with a tonne of smarts behind them.

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