auction strategy & representation in brisbane


If you’ve ever been to a property auction, you were probably nervous just being there!

The truth is, property auctions are geared to be intense. Sales agents and their sellers choose to sell property under the hammer for one main reason – Auctions force a result – an unconditional sale on the day.

Buying at Auction can be one of the most nerve wracking things you’ll ever do. Understanding the process, the rules, and the conditions to buying under Auction terms can be incredibly confusing for even the experienced Buyer.

Perhaps you’ve purchased property before and you’re well versed with the usual process, but put you in an Auction scenario, and you’re out of your depth. Not only this, but the fast-paced intensity of an Auction can be all too much for most people. After all, you’re emotionally invested in this property. It’s easy to lose your head (and your budget) during an Auction if you’re not careful. Plain and simple, an inexperienced Auction bidder may suffer one of two fates. They will buy the property for more than what they wanted and feel they overpaid in the heat of the moment OR the Buyer will lose the property to another, more experienced bidder who had a well thought-out and planned strategy.

Statistics indicate that more than half of the Buyers who bid at Auction have NO bidding strategy. This means that if you invest in some strategic preparation, you’ll be ahead of the game, (and most of the other bidders at the Auction).


Auction bidding is a skill in its own right; one that I have mastered by bidding at more Auctions than your average buyer.

I use techniques that often intimidate other bidders and my team and I will work with you to create a strategic Auction Plan that ensures you walk away feeling a winner, whether you buy the property or not. Ultimately, I remove the stress and the emotion, whilst putting you at an arms length on the day, so you can relax knowing with confidence that you’ve done all you can to secure the property on your terms.



You’ll benefit from the following:

  • a Strategic Auction Plan with several contingency plays that I deliver on the day.
  • a clear Walk Away Pricing Strategy where I help you set a realistic budget that we stick to.
  • professional representation on the day by myself or one of my experienced associates.
  • updates throughout the Auction to keep you informed as to what is happening at each crucial moment.
  • a copy (upon request) of the bidding transcript to see where bids were placed.
This service at a glance …

SUMMARY | Auction Strategy and Representation is an exclusive service for Buyers looking to successfully purchase property at Auction.

WHO IS IT FOR? | Best suited to time poor professionals and couples, first home buyers, and buyers who wish to remove themselves from the emotion of the Auction process.

PROFESSIONAL FEE | AUD 75 booking fee + 575 pricing / bidding strategy and representation. A success fee applies when we secure the property.

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“Wendy helped us secure our
dream home at auction, and we
couldn’t be happier.”


WendyRussellBuyersAgent 3

“Wendy executed our agreed strategy to perfection and despite around ten bidders, and an auction that lasted over an hour, Wendy secured the property for us at exactly the number we wanted.”


CLIENTS | Adam and Nicole Twemlow

HOW WE CONNECTED | Following a referral from a local selling agent in Brisbane, Adam reached out to me to bid on his behalf at the Auction of a home he was hoping to secure for his young family. A professional in the corporate industry, Adam’s time was limited and he understood the benefits of working with a like-minded, professional Auction Strategist in this capacity. Realising that removing himself from the bidding process would eliminate the pressure on the day, and likely increase his chances of securing the home for less, he was quick to secure my services. We worked together to bounce ideas, set a strong but realistic walk away figure, and create a strategic plan for the day; one in which I would execute in accordance with his preferred bidding style, which was “hold bids until the property came on the market”. I was able to secure the home for well under the agreed walk away price and as you can imagine, the Clients were ecstatic!


“Wendy was recommended to us by a top agent in Brisbane. I was keen to remove the emotion and engage an expert to represent us at auction. Wendy was exactly what I wanted and she far surpassed our expectations. We discussed the preferred strategy and pricing limits prior to the auction and she confidently bid on our behalf and was able to slow the auction down and secure the property below our agreed limit. I’m confident that we wouldn’t have achieved this outcome without Wendy and her experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy’s services. Extremely well done Wendy and many thanks!”

WendyRussellBuyersAgent 2

Adam and Nicky’s home in Surfer’s Paradise.

“Wendy Russell bridges the gap between buyer, seller, auctioneer and agent with strategies that take the pressure off buyers whilst at the same time, getting them in the game and placing them forefront to being successful at auction. With the property market now more competitive than ever, more and more buyers should be considering the services of an experienced Buyer’s Agent and Auction Strategist. It just makes sense.”


“Wendy Russell represented me at the Auction for an exclusive apartment that I wanted to secure for investment purposes. Wendy’s bidding tactics on the day achieved the element of surprise, and a planned series of knock-out bids saw us secure the property for close to $50K under my original budget. Her well-planned approach, combined with an ability to act strategically throughout the changing nature of the auction undoubtedly underpinned the successful result we were able to achieve. She comes highly recommended.”