3 Things I Do On A Monday If I Didn’t Find The Perfect Home On Saturday

Did you buy that house on the weekend or are you back on the hunt again this week?

I know it can be super frustrating and feel like you’re running a marathon when you’re trying to find (and secure) that perfect place. Hang in there! It’s coming.

  1. I call 3 top listing agents in the areas I’m looking to buy and remind them of my client’s Brief and ask if they might have any new listings coming up this week that could suit. If they do, I make a time to see these properties before they come on the market.

  2. I jump on the internet – realestate.com.au on Monday night and see if there have been any new listings pop up. It’s often a selling agent will list a new property online on a Monday morning. If there’s something new that might suit, I make a time to see it asap.

  3. I revisit my client’s Brief. In other words, I re-familiarise myself with what we are looking for in a property and I do a quick de-brief on anything we need to alter / change in the Brief.

    If you’ve been looking for some time now, it’s a good idea to check in on your property must-haves and deal breakers each week.

    Has anything changed? Can you be flexible somewhere? Do you REALLY need to have a swimming pool in the property or perhaps this is something you can put in at a later date?

    Maybe you can skimp on the lot size a little? 400m2 didn’t seem that small when you saw a property on the weekend with this size lot. Perhaps you can relax your requirements a little here?

    Reviewing your property criteria or Brief is also a way of reconnecting with those good vibes that put the right energy out to the world. Yep, you’re putting out to the universe WHAT YOU WANT. Trust me, the universe listens! You just need to be a little patient sometimes.


As you can see, I’m a big believer in staying focussed, harassing the agents so they know you’re still there, and putting out the right energy.

Keeping in touch with the key selling agents in your areas of interest is super important when you’re on the hunt for a new home or investment property.

Remember, agents don’t think about you … they think about their sellers and where their next listing is coming from. Buyers often feel second rate when they’ve spoken to an agent once before and then that agent goes and lists a property that could be right for them. You need to be mindful that selling agents are incredibly busy people and the reality is that Buyers are often not on their mind 24/7.

This might make you angry, but it is what it is. Just saying.

You need to be putting yourself in front of the right selling agents time and time again so they remember you and know to call you when a new property becomes available.

Stay positive and keep on it. It will only be a matter of time before the right one appears!

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