10 Things Busy Professionals Can Do To Keep Sane If We Go Into Lock-Down

As busy professionals, the thought of having to slow down just doesn’t sit well does it?

Let’s be honest, we secretly love our fast-paced lifestyles. We enjoy telling people about our daily grind and how we can never find a good balance, but the truth is, we don’t really want the balance.

We want more grind!


As our borders close, our restaurants empty, and our streets become less and less populated, it is evidently clear that a total shut-down is looming.

NZ have done it, and I reckon we’re next.

But friends; this is not a shut-down – it’s a Re-set.

The question is, how will you use this time to come out the other side in a stronger than ever position, rather than succumb to that of a stir-crazy homebody who is desperate for a little people action?

Now is the time to plan what I’m calling your Reset Schedule so that when the dust settles and the world reignites, you’ll be thriving like never before.

I was fortunate to enjoy my final dine-in coffee and banana bread in Brisbane’s CBD on Monday, just before the 12 noon deadline hit and take-aways were the only option available.

People watching from my perch up at Jimmy’s On The Mall, the vibe was undeniable. Even with significantly less patrons walking by, I could almost smell the fear in the air.

The sense of disappointment and disbelief amongst people’s faces was unmissable.

Have we really come to this?

A shutdown of what we know, as normal Life.

But rather than see it as a shutdown, I like to consider it more of a re-set.

Sounds friendlier this way.

More importantly, are you ready for it?

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of chatting with a few of my clients about what they intend to do if we are all confined to our homes for a few weeks.

The one thing I was so grateful to hear in our conversations were the comments that “if I had to be locked at home for a few weeks, I’m glad to be here”.

They love their homes and this reinforces to me the good work I had done for them at the time they were searching for that special place to call home. I was both humbled and proud.

Despite all the doom and gloom right now, I had a little feel-good moment and with all that’s going on, it came as a real blessing.

So, with that said, if we are confined to our residences for a few weeks, what have You got planned?

Because now is the time to start preparing. It’s happening people.

For me, a glass-half full kinda gal, I look to the positives in any situation, and for this, I have a whole heap of “jobs” I can do if leaving the house is no longer on the cards.

Thankfully for me, my business doesn’t close up shop.

This is a time to write some interesting content and educate my followers through my books and online resources.

House hunting online will continue, and if we can’t leave the house, I’m sure the real estate agents will have their virtual tours in full swing by this time.

Offers can be done electronically and negotiations typically take place over the phone anyways. I like to do things in person where I can, but this will be a change I’ll have to live with. No sweat.

With technology as it is today, many of us will be in a position to work from home and so the cogs will keep turning in the business-world, somewhat.

This is our opportunity to find innovative ways to do business and learn how to better communicate from a distance.

Good will come from all of this. Believe me.

Yes, many will hurt financially, physically and emotionally and this is unfortunately inevitable.

As we keep hearing, we are in unprecedented times.

But it’s how we interpret it all, and more importantly, how we bounce back that will count.

Remember, we’re all in this together. You’re not doing it alone.

And the time will come when business will thrive again.

Imagine having a whole population cooped up at home for several weeks and then allowing them free in the world again.

Restaurants will be over-booked.

Entertainment venues will sell-out.

Functions will thrive.

Travel plans will go into overdrive. (I’m already planning my Hawaii trip.)

And it will be business as usual.


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